Why Disability Insurance

Disability insurance offers peace of mind in good times and essential security in harder times. Also referred to as income protection, it’s a financial safety net that replaces lost income in the event the covered person becomes unable to work due to injury or illness. Disability insurance is an important part of a family’s broader financial plan.

When Life Throws
a Curveball

Many working people have a blind spot when it comes to their risk of disability. Health issues can leave people out of work for months or years at a time and can lead to prolonged income disruption. Medical bills are only one part of the financial picture for a family affected by sudden disability. Working people depend on their income from jobs to sustain the lifestyles they’re used to . When an earner loses the ability to work, his or her family is often forced to make dramatic cuts. Disability insurance provides a shield against those unforeseen, harmful changes.
A Trusted Navigator
Who’s Been There
Without a knowledgeable advisor, understanding disability insurance can be a frustrating and daunting task. Plan pricing and coverage varies greatly depending on factors like health history, age, amount of physical work, and income levels. Robert Clark prides himself on his ability to make sense of these complexities. Robert has a deep and intimate understanding of disability insurance because he’s seen its sustaining capabilities with his own eyes. It was a lifeline to Robert’s family for 20 years as his father battled cancer and was unable to work. Now Robert wants to help other families enjoy the protections that sustained his family through those difficult years. Robert works with advisors to provide a comprehensive disability income analysis with a genuine concern for their clients’ wellbeing. He helps advisors and clients understand how disability insurance fits into their larger financial goals, all the way from family planning to retirement. And he does it with unrivaled passion and care.